May 28, 2023

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Water on the Knee

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All eyes were on Vita Vea as he went down in practice the other day. A collected gasp could be heard, followed by hearts beating heavily through a dreadful silence. No one wants to see anyone hurt in practice, especially an integral part of the defense line.

Thankfully, Vea walked off the field of his own accord, and that helped ease the worry of many fans. He had an MRI done that evening and will have a follow-up MRI today, Friday 8/9. It’s standard procedure. However, the great news is that the original prognosis of Vita Vea’s injury was good.

Here is what Coach Arians had to say,

“There is a little fluid in there, a little swelling, so we’ll do another one on Friday. There’s nothing really to report on what it is yet, or the timetable is as far as his return. We’ll know more after Friday. But the original prognosis was good.”

It sounds like the big fella will be fine! Sadly he will miss the first preseason game in Pittsburgh and could miss even more, but the important thing is for him to rest up, recover, and get ready to make the San Francisco 49ers walk the plank, week one.

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