February 2, 2023

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[Image Credit: Arians Bucs kagol outside By Mark Cook / Pewter Report]

Bruce Arians in his press conference said, “Position flexibility is how you make the team, if you aren’t a starter you better be able to play two or three positions, or we can’t use you.”

No touchy feelie emotional garbage with B.A. every player will know where they stand with this coach!

If he sees a player on the mistake chart too many times, “it’s time for me to find somebody else.”

Feature Image Credit: Bucs head coach Bruce Arians - Photo by: Mark Cook/PR

Bruce Arians is detail-oriented, keeps a record of everything the player does and teaches.

From training at different hours in simulated heat and humidity scenarios and seeing if players learn from past mistakes by testing them, I am encouraged by how he operates his players’ coaches and the overall scheme of his approach!

Given time and patience by ownership and fans, this team will improve! There will still be the angry “keyboard” warriors who spout of condemnation at first sight of trouble, but the true fan understands that even life, in general, has a process.

I’ll be at the opener on September 8, 2019, against the Niners and taking notes on the game!

First games are tough, but on both teams really. You don’t really know what you have until things get real and it’s on the field!

Here’s to hoping for a good season!

Go Bucs!

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