June 1, 2023

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Nothing to worry about.

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We posted a video the other day of Winston throwing a 50/50 deep pass to Evans and Whitehead getting the interception and fans began ranting about how we are doomed.

Well, let’s just say that QBs do try crazy things on the first day of practice to test the mettle of his teammates and himself. Of course, this doesn’t sit right with Arians, but Arians also understand that it was the first day of practice. The following few practices, Winston had thrown a few more interceptions, but isn’t it the common belief that a gun-slinging quarterback will throw a high number of interceptions? I won’t compare Jameis to any other quarterback like many like to do, but I will say that in my 36 years of watching football, he does remind me of a few slinging QBs.

On Tuesday, Winston showcased his talents and that his offseason training to improve his skill set is working out. He was as good yesterday as anyone could ask him to be.

Todd Bowles is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Jameis Winston and our veteran quarterback is handling it very well. He continues to build his chemistry with Godwin and Perriman and is also creating one with Scotty Miller. Winston has thrown some incompletions and interceptions, but they are not all his fault, the defense is playing outstanding! Remember this was a top-ranked offense just a season ago.

Winston seems to be surpassing Arians’ expectations of him and also had mentioned that they have to do a better job of protecting their quarterback. The defense he is seeing this year in practice is far from anything he has seen before. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich praised Todd Bowles ability to disguise his defensive scheme and that he does that better than any team they will face this season.

Iron sharpens iron and as long as the defense continues to throw everything they can at the offense, and Winston and company can overcome it, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I’ve seen some fans say that the Bucs will face way tougher defenses this season, but I believe that is left to be seen.

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