December 7, 2023

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Arians talks about Jameis Winston

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Bruce Arians has had good things to say about Jameis Winston starting with the very first day of practice.

“I thought he was fantastic. All the things that we’re throwing at him today and the different coverages Todd put in. I thought his red zone was really good. He threw a 50-50 ball to Mike that wasn’t a very good 50-50 ball. I don’t mind him throwing those to Mike. Mike’s going to come down with his share but just make it a little bit closer. I liked the thought process of it.”

Arians is pleased for the most part, but it also noted that he thinks Winston overworked during the recent time off. If that’s all he has to say that is negative, then there isn’t too much to worry about.

“If I’ll say anything, he overworked. He was throwing a little bit too much. We had to calm him down. They went up to Florida State and a bunch of guys was throwing. I think they might’ve thrown a little bit too much and I told him to slow down his pitch count until we got started.”

Jameis has thrown some INTs in practice and that’s not a bad thing. We want our defense to make plays and although fans have been complaining, with the ‘here we go again’ routine, I wouldn’t consider it an issue unless Arians say so. One thing is for certain, our defense was hovering the bottom of the ocean for the past couple of seasons, and watching the young defense start fast and strong in practice, is something we all should want to see.

“It was a screenplay and the end’s coming free. He made a nice underhand toss. Sucked the end into him, so he made a great play, and it’s not easy to get that ball to that running back. We struggled with that in the spring, so it was a nice step forward on that play.”

Defensive Coordinator, Todd Bowles doesn’t believe in starting slow and working up with the intensity. Why should he, Winston is a pro and is no newcomer. Throwing the kitchen sink at him day one is a good thing. Winston though is no stranger to improvisation and running for his life. So, he’s used to thinking on the quick.

It sounds like he only had the one questionable throw to Evans deep. He’s going to have to be careful with those kinds of balls, even though Evans is a beast and can find a way to catch many of those balls. The situation in which he throws those kinds of jump balls etc. is going to have to be something he keeps in mind.

Many of Winston’s mistakes come at the worst possible moments to where they hurt us in the worst way. It’s the day one, and it sounds like our QB has gotten off to a good start overall. Let’s hope it continues, Go Bucs!!

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