December 7, 2023

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The Capability of the 2019 Bucs

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The Bucs come into the 2019 season with a very talented roster, but past struggles will always stick with them for sure. Okay? But, first-year head coach Bruce Arians brings in the excellent coaching staff to Tampa and not to mention I think he is the positive influence that the Bucs need. I’m not saying that the Bucs have high expectations this season, which I don’t believe the experts are giving them. I always think that the capability is still there, but in the past, when the Bucs have had very high expectations, it has been the exact opposite. Jameis Winston is back for the 2019 season, and I think that he should be a much-improved quarterback this season due to Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich, and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen who has a history with the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers will have a brand new defense this season as first-year defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is installing a 3-4 defense and the talent is there for the Bucs to have a way better than they did last season and I think we would like to forget about that.

Jameis Winston is capable of being a candidate for comeback player of the year. Winston is very talented himself, but it will be a process to work on his consistency. Bruce Arians have been known to be a quarterback guru, and that is why I think this is possible. Also, Clyde Christensen will be the quarterback’s coach who has coached Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and wide receiver Reggie Wayne. Christensen coached at Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy from 1996-2001, and he coached Bucs quarterbacks such as Trent Dilfer and Shaun King.

The Bucs are capable of starting 3-0.

The Bucs will open with the 49ers, Panthers, and the Giants. In years past the 49ers have struggled flying cross country and even though the Bucs will have to play at Carolina on a Thursday night, it will still be very tough because you are playing Cam Newton and the Giants are a very beatable team coming to Raymond James Stadium.

The Bucs are capable of having a winning record in 2019.

The most winnable game on the schedule is a trip to in-state rival Jacksonville, and you never know what type of season they are having. The most winnable home game is either the opener against the 49ers or the Arians Bowl against the Cardinals on November 10th. When it comes to the Buccaneers and the non-believers, I think they can play their best football, and I think they will win a few games they aren’t supposed to win.

The Bucs are capable of having one of the most improved defenses in the league under Todd Bowles.

The Buccaneers will have a 3-4 defense this season, and that means that players at the defensive end might have to play the edge position. Devin White has signed his contract, and he will be a big help at linebacker and many Bucs fans believe he is showing similarities to Derrick Brooks. Lavonte David will play a key role also, and since Devin White should be a starter that Lavonte David will have a lot of pressure taking off of him. The defensive line will be the most significant part of the defense due to Ndamukong Suh, Will Gholston, and Vita Vea. The secondary will be improved with the return of Vernon Hargraves and the addition of rookies Sean Murphy-Bunting, Jamel Dean, Mike Edwards, but there are a lot of unknowns still.

The Buccaneers have a lot of potentials to make noise this season, but they have to end the almost twelve-year playoff drought.

I think that should be one of Bruce Arians biggest goals as head coach, but it does not happen overnight. The consistency of Jameis Winston can make a lot of difference with reaching our goal, but we have to trust the process as fans. Twelve years is a long time, but the Buffalo Bills went eighteen years without a playoff, and if they can make it then I think we can.