March 21, 2023

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Okay Bucs Fans, think you know all there is to know, let’s see!

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Think the season will never get here?

Does it seem like this year’s season opener might as well be a year away?

Are you chomping at the bit for training camp, and preseason to get rolling?

Jonesing for the smell of BBQ grills, and the occasional spliff that wafts through the Parking areas around Ray Jay while tailgating your asses off? Me too man, me too!

So while it’s a little slow right now, my mind drifts back to seasons past, and all the stars and favorites that have called that special place on Dale Mabry their home away from home.

Bucs Fans are always trying to impress each other with the knowledge of their favorite team that they possess. One-upping and trying to make each other seem like less of a fan than they believe themselves to be. Think you know all things Buc? Think you are of Superior Intellect than the guy sitting next to you with the Paul Gruber creamsicle signed Jersey? Here are some Trivia Questions Ala Bucs for you, let’s see what you really know. (Answers will appear at the bottom of the article, no cheating.)

There have only been 6 players, since the beginning of ‘Ye Olde’ Buccaneers, that have appeared in (not just started) in 150 games or more. Three are offensive players, three are defensive. Name them. There’s just two of those six, that have played in, and started in more than 200 games. Which two?

Who is the all-time leader in Passing?

Who is the all-time leader in Rushing?

Who is the all-time leader in Receiving?

Who is the all-time leader in Scoring?

How many Gator QB’s have started a game for the Bucs, and who are they?

How many Seminole QBs have started a game for the Bucs and who are they?

How many Hurricane QBs have started a game for the Bucs and who are they?

Name the top 4 RBs in career touchdowns.

Name the top 5 players in all-time sacks.




Ronde Barber, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch  –  Paul Gruber, Tony Mayberry, and Dave Moore, are the six.

Barber and Brooks are the only 2 over 200 starts. *No Sapp did not have enough starts, or games played in to qualify for the question.

Vinny Testaverde – All-time leader in Passing (14,820 passing yards) *Jameis Winston only needs 193 passing yards to break this All-time Buccaneers record.

James Wilder – All-time leader in Rushing (5,957 yards)

Mike Evans – All-time leader in rushing (6,103)

Martin Gramatica– All-time leader in scoring (592)

Seminoles, Gators, Hurricanes QBs: (Gators-2), Steve Spurrier, John Reaves. (Noles-3), Gary Huff, Brad Johnson, Jameis Winston. (Hurricanes-2), Vinny Testaverde, Craig Erickson.

Top 4 RBs in career touchdowns: Mike Alstott (58), James Wilder (37), Doug Martin (26), Errict Rhett (24)

Top 5 players/ All-time sacks:  Warren Sapp (77), Simeon Rice (69.5), Gerald McCoy (54.5), Chidi Ahanotu (34.5), Brad Culpepper (33.0)

Unofficial #1 Lee Roy Selmon (78.5)  Unofficial #4 David Logan (38.8) *Sack stats were not officially kept until 1982.

*Interesting fact, Warren Sapp played three more years with Tampa than Simeon Rice did, and only had 7.5 more sacks. Rice doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

So how did you do? I’m figuring most fans got the majority correct, but I don’t believe ANYONE got them all right. Training Camp begins in two weeks, thank God, and bring it on. Go Bucs!!