September 27, 2023

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Devin White a once in a lifetime player?

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Devin White is one of the best Linebackers the SEC had ever seen, leading the Conference in tackles as a sophomore with 133, the fourth-highest total in LSU history. As a Junior, he racked up 123 tackles for the season. During those two productive years (not counting his freshman year when he played off and on) he tallied 25.5 tackles for a loss, 7.5 sacks, and an interception. He became a huge impact player/leader for the Tigers. After the 2018 season, he decided to skip his last year of eligibility at LSU and enter the NFL Draft. It’s an interesting note that White was recruited as a running back to LSU.

Could be a priceless pick in the mold of Warren Sapp, and Derrick Brooks in 1995

In a very recent article, I did on the class of picks in 2019. I compared it to the Bucs 1995 draft. You know, the one that brought the first-ballot Hall of Famers Sapp and Brooks. That was a class that brought the two biggest pieces to our team that enabled us to become the Defense that would pave the Bucs road to the Super Bowl. They were the heart and soul of that team, and they were far and away the best at their positions in the NFL. Most drafts bring pieces and parts to the mix, and while they are essential pieces, there is the one draft that happens every 25 years or so that brings the Superstar player, or players, that define the franchise for a career. That makes it something very special. Players that lift the team upon their backs, and personally take that team to the promised land.

This year, not next

Make no mistake about it, THIS YEAR, not down the road, you will see a defensive unit that is day and night from last year. Instead of an afterthought, the Bucs Defense will demand respect, and instill a bit of fear into our opponents this year. I don’t know to what degree, but I know teams are going to be keeping an eye on more of our players than they have had to in years, and no one more than Devin White. A pure headhunter with great range and speed.

The definition of Special

Once in a lifetime players, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Derrick Thomas, Mike Singletary, and Junior Seau to name a few. Players so special they could within reason, single-handedly take over games by their domination of their position. Striking fear into opposing players, and coaches by their superhuman at times caliber of play. It’s by no means a done deal. Devin White could come in here and play just adequately and not much more. From everything I’ve seen on film and heard about the man, I believe he has a very good chance of becoming The Man that leads our Defense into a new day of Buccaneer football. A player so good, and so much better than most, he becomes that once in a lifetime player. That’s why the Office Boys and Arians had not one bit of hesitation to pull the trigger on White on draft day. Because they too believe and have from the beginning that Devin White is that player that turns it all around for us, that puts us back on the map, that makes us relevant again. For that I thank them, Go Bucs!!

In a recent interview with Ira Kaufman of Joe Bucs fan, Arian’s, when talking about Devin White, stated you get these guys once in a lifetime:

“He’s come in; he’s so mature. You know, and he’s in great condition. He’s extremely bright. He loves it. You know, you get these guys once in a lifetime. They all got physical skills, but they don’t love it. I mean, they wouldn’t do it for free. This cat would do it for free as long as he can ride his horses.”

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