June 1, 2023

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Bucs Ranked 17th in Forced Incompletions Last Year

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A telling stat

The Bucs ranked around the middle of the pack (tied for 17th) in forced incompletions in 2018. That ranking though, had them sitting dead last in the NFC South. Carolina ranked 10, and the Falcons were 5th overall. As all Bucs fans know, our Defense was decimated by injuries in 2018. Rookies were put into play starting positions; backups abounded in the starting lineup. So it should be no surprise that with so much newly drafted talent at DB and Linebacker Devin White, and last year’s rookie Safety Jordan Whitehead, who ended up starting a good portion of the season last year, all the way down to Vea and Suh. The Bucs should improve their ranking in forced incompletions.

A better ranking in 2019 is almost assured

The Defense, in general, should get better in all their rankings from last year. It truly should be a huge 180-degree turnaround from the norm lately in Tampa. The team should go from exploited and taken for granted, to Respected, relevant, and eventually feared. Todd Bowles schemes are much more in your face, especially for the DBs who will be in bump, hands-on, man coverage. In other words, in a great place to force more incompletions, and interceptions. If nothing else in 2019, Defense will become a big strength again for this team. I like most of you, are excited to be able to watch them this year. Bring it on, and Go Bucs!!

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