December 6, 2022

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Buccaneers Fans!! Are you buying what Arians is selling for 2019 and beyond?

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It’s all good

All the things I have read, or heard about Bruce Arians, from the Internet to Sports TV, to ink and paper print, to Satellite Radio Sports shows. It’s all good if there is one thing Bruce Almighty is consistent at, it is being consistently good at whatever he does. Hell, this man has been married 47 plus years to the same woman. They have moved all over the country together and never been stronger. That says a lot about a person.

Things you may not know about Bruce Arians

Most probably have no idea that he played Quarterback at Virginia Tech in a Wishbone Offense. That until 2016 Arians held the record in rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season with 11. I’m sure most of you know Michael Vick played at VT in college. He never broke Arians’ record. Probably didn’t know that while he was at the Blacksburg Virginia Campus that, He was the first white player to share a dorm room with a black player in VT history. Taking that one step further with a Buccaneers’ tie-in. Arians’roommate was none other than James Barber, who eventually had two sons, Ronde and Tiki Barber. Many don’t know that in Arians early years of coaching in college that he was Temple’s Head Coach. standout players Arians coached at Temple included cornerback Kevin Ross, safety Todd Bowles, offensive guard John Rienstra, and running back Todd McNair. Ross a Defensive Backs coach, Bowles the Defensive Coordinator, and McNair a Running Backs Coach are all here in Tampa with Arians.

Culture Change

Just as Tony Dungy knew he had to change the whole culture around the Bucs Practice Fields, Locker Rooms, and Front Office. Arians knows he must do just the same thing. Teams get into a rut of losing just as teams can get into a groove of winning. Success, as well as failure, can infect a team and stay for an endless amount of time. Only the very best of the best coaches are able to waltz in and bring about such a reversal of fortunes. He did it in Arizona, took a 5-11 team, and went 10-6 the next year, then 11-5 the following year. He’s been named the AP Coach of the year twice, Indy, and Arizona. He’s guided/Whispered to some truly great NFL Quarterback talent. He’s helped some lesser talented QBs to respectability, and success while establishing a new winning culture wherever he was.

No Horror Stories

There are no horror stories of failure in his pro resume. He has overcome every obstacle that ever stood in his way, and he has done it with class, and man grace. He reportedly told his coaching assistants after arriving in Tampa that if any of them missed School Plays or special family events with their wife and children in order to come to work. They would be immediately fired. Reportedly adding that Work can be made up. I’m sure you are starting to see a trend by now. A trend of doing things the right way, professionally as well as personally. His 47-year marriage is as much a defining characteristic of his worth and talent as his Win-Loss record and his Quarterback’s passer rating.

Wrapping it up

So Bucs Fans. Is it more likely that Arians and his staff will turn this thing around, and get the players to positively react and perform to a new higher level of success? Or is it more likely that the Coach has finally met his match after decades in the game? That Tampa plays badly under Arians’direction, and he fails in his mission here? We all have our opinions of what we expect, of how deeply we buy into the sell. Me, I’m going with the flow of Positive thought that precedes Bruce Almighty Arians because of his past successes and accomplishments. Where there is no room for failure, it cannot reside, I Believe in Our New Coach, I’m buying all he’s selling. Oh, and because he’s been married to the same woman for 47 years.

Go Bucs!!