December 4, 2023

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Suh Having No Trouble Fitting In

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Ndamukong Suh has a had a little bit of a bad reputation over the years, but so far he’s had no trouble fitting in with his new team. Take a look these recent quotes from Suh about joining the Bucs.

What he likes about the Buccaneers

“Love the linebackers the communication. I think the ability to get after the QB is huge as well as multiple guys, but also with their front. I’m excited about that. Looking forward to being in a position to go out there and play and wreak havoc.”

Suh likes the young energy on this defense and believes it will serve the Buccaneers well this season.

“Guys that are eager to play, move around, and get after the ball. Lots of speed. I think it will come in handy especially in September.”

Suh believes he can help these younger guys with his veteran experince.

“I think first and foremost I need to get my bearings and then after that just talk about different ways to beat people, be creative, just tricks of the trade, understanding how to read offensive lineman. Different things like that. Things that I’ve been taught by other vets as well as other great coaches.”

Suh likes the Tampa Bay Area and is pleased with what he’s seen and how the people have treated him. Stay Classy Tampa!

“I have and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve been here two or three other times but one thing that I’ve noticed eating dinner out most of the time it’s good Midwestern friendly folks which I enjoy. Which has been very pleasant for me and my fiance.”

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