December 7, 2023

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No secret Scotty Miller was drafted to fill the place of A. Humphries, can he?

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Greased Lightning:

Scotty Miller out of Bowling Green is an undersized Sports Car with muscle. Kind of like a Ferrari engine in a Mini Cooper Body. Miller has a slight frame, but he can flat-out fly, clocking a 40 time at his pro day that ranged from 4.28-4.3. Over the last two seasons at Bowling Green, he caught 67 percent of his targets, seventh-most among players with 200 or more targets since 2017. Thinking here is that only maybe B. Perriman at a 4.22 in the 40, is faster on the team than Scotty.

“Miller’s calling card is his speed, but what has been most surprising has actually been his range. He’s been lined up over the field and caught balls in traffic that I thought were sure incompletions. The slot is a hard place for receivers, given that they’ll inevitably be asked to block and take a few more hits running more routes underneath in linebacker territory. The 5-9, 176-pound Miller didn’t shy away from it, though. As far as outside routes where Miller gets a step on a defensive back, forget it. It’s a game of tag from the line of scrimmage and Miller is going to win that every time.”– Carmen Vitali, staff writer

All the tools, can lineup at all spots:

He’s a hard-nosed kid, and he’s learning fast. Seems to be able to line up at all the spots on the field, even when blocking is needed, and doesn’t shy from contact. Can bring down the tough catches, and doesn’t lose the ball in traffic. The Bucs can use a kid like that all day long and surely more than twice on Sunday. I have a feeling this lil’ feller is going to become a fan favorite. He will absolutely make the roster unless something extremely crazy happens, like getting hit by a bus. He’s the real deal and should land a roster spot at a position that already is a strength for the Bucs. Adam Humphries was a clutch player for Our Bucs. Scotty Miller will make you forget about losing him real quick. Great pick for Licht in the 6th round. I’m not letting Licht off the hook though for the pick just before this one. Another Kicker picked too soon in the 5th round (a good kicker, but could have been taken later, or signed as an undrafted free agent.) but I digress, yes, yes, he can take the workload of the departed Humphries. At least it sure appears so at this early point.

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