June 1, 2023

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We Had a Really Good Week of Practice!

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yeah, I went there! But this time I mean it!

Mini Camp ended with an FG from Cairo Santos, and now the summer break begins. The Buccaneers have made the progress Arians hoped they would make, but said they are not there just yet.

Things are looking up.

“I am really pleased with the beginning ’til now. We’ve made the progress I hoped we make. Are we there? No. But I like where we are at right now. The work ethic of this group is amazing. Everybody shows up everybody works. Everybody has bought in, so that’s all you can ask for as a coach. Hopefully, we will stay in shape and have everybody report healthy when we get back.”

The O-line still has issues.

When Arians was asked, “Where’s the online at?” He responded, “In shorts.” He continued with, “It’s really hard to tell. A couple of guys were missing with backs [Back issues] and once we put the pads on that’s when I’ll judge them. Athletically, they look fine. Physically moving people, holding people out, all those things, when they put the pads on then we can really judge them.”

A Suh-Nami coming?

Ndamukong Suh, although not in pads, is really making his presence felt out there on the practice field. Arians said he is a really smart guy and knows how to practice in shorts. Suh has a resume so nothing will surprise coach Arians when the pads come on. Arians went on to say,

 “The offensive lines knows they’re gonna get better we’re gonna make each other better because excellent players verses each other makes you better. I don’t worry about our young corners. Somebody asked me about Julio Jones, well shit, they have to cover Mike Evans every day, that’s a pretty good challenge, if they can cover him a little bit then we will be ok.”

Update on Mike Evans.

Mike Evans missed five days of practice or more, and Arians said today the reason he was missing practice was due to a slight hamstring pull. Arians didn’t want him to practice because there is no sense in aggravating it at this time of the year.

A little advice from coach.

With the summer break coming up, Arians gave some advice to his team. “Be in shape when you come back, don’t start over, and don’t be the guy. Simple.” 

Don’t be the guy. Words of wisdom! Don’t be the one that goes out there and gets injured, arrested, or in any kind of trouble which could result in you being suspended, seriously injured, arrested, or worse. The summer break has been a point in time, historically, where players had messed up big time.

Bucs aren’t done looking for key pieces.

Arians will keep his eye on free agent talent and said that if there is a guy out there that is better than what we have now, we will swap them out.

“And that’s not just 90, that’s 53. Just because it’s September [season beginning], there might be someone we like a little bit better. You are always trying to bottom that roster and that practice squad looking for guys. you get set in stone and you’re stuck.”

Winston’s interceptions aren’t as bad as fans lead on.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians how Jameis Winston can correct the interceptions thrown at minicamp during the break.

“You just keep learning, watching the film, repetitions,  and don’t make those mistakes when we get back. There were maybe two that I can say were bad interceptions the entire time. Other than that, there are other people involved.”

Coach announces that practice times will be mixed up in training camp including night time practices.

“We will have practices between 8 in the morning 4 in the afternoon to 6:30 pm. 4 because that’s when we kick off two games at home in September. 6:30 because that’s as close as we can get to 7:30-8 o’clock kick off. Thursday Night Football. We will mix it up. You don’t wanna get into that dead routine and not be able to match up to when your game times are, So as much 4 o’clock games so we can get ready for the first two home games.”

A Storm is Brewing in Tampa Bay and the winds of change are blowing.