March 21, 2023

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Suh on Coming to Tampa to Play in Bowles Attacking Style Defense

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Respect for Tampa’s Coaching Staff

Ndamukong Suh signed with the Bucs without visiting Tampa, or even having a face to face with a single coach. It’s reported that Suh has had discussions with Arians, and Bowles in the last 3 or 4 years. He was very much impressed with both.

The following is what Suh had to say about playing for Bowles and company:

“I think the biggest thing – you hit it right there on the head with Todd Bowles. Having conversations with him over the last couple of years, especially when he was with the Jets last year. I looked at going there and made the decision that I did, but wanted to team up with him and see how he and Kacy Rodgers could help me continue to grow. I think as professionals, we always want to find ways to continue to grow and meet great people and I met Todd probably like three or four years ago via somebody I highly respect in this game, Jim Washburn.”

He went on to add this about Bruce “Almighty” Arians,

“I think Coach Arians also mentioned in the press conference the other day about being able to attack, be very aggressive, play up the field. Obviously, people have their responsibilities and whatnot, but I’ve always enjoyed being in an attack-style defense.”

Bowles and Arians are fans of Suh’s Versatility

Bowles and Arians both like a player that is flexible, that is athletic and strong enough to play all along the line, whatever position that may be, just as they like their ends in the 3-4 to be able to drop back like Outside Linebackers in coverage. Versatility is very important in Bowles scheme. Suh commented on this aspect.

“If you want to look back at last year I played every single position and I pride myself being able to play 3-technique, nose, end, nine, seven, six , whatever you need me to do,” he said. “I think it’s important for me as a professional to continue to grow and evolve in those aspects.”Ndamukong Suh

Being paired up as interior Tackles with Vita Vea in a 4-3, or possibly beside him in a 3-4 as an End. Suh likes the idea of playing beside the young Stud Buc in waiting.

Vea is a Star about to be born.

My feeling is that he will outperform even some of the best projections for 2019. That would be fine with Suh, as that might take attention away from him, and allow easier access to the QB. No matter the players around him, Suh is just glad to be in Bowles Defense, where ATTACKING is the steady meal on the table, and Quarterbacks are the sweet desert waiting to be taken down.

In Closing

Suh could have ended up other places, different coaches, teammates, but he didn’t. He’s right here in Tampa, where he wanted to be, playing for coaches that he has been wanting to play for. Would be nice if all this could form into the perfect storm for Suh, and reignite his inner fire. 32 isn’t all that old if you’re still fit, and the fire is still there. Let’s hope both are true, for Suh!

VIA: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ndamukong Suh on Todd Bowles’ Defense & Playing with Vita Vea