December 4, 2023

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Ndamukong Suh, Lavonte David, And Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash

Every time lately that I hear Suh’s name mentioned, and how tough he is. It makes me think of the 1969 Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue” released on his At San Quentin album. The song tells the story of a young man whose father left home when he was three. The boy had it really rough having to carry around a name like that. Long story short, it turns out the father named his son Sue because he knew he would have a hard go of it coming up, and become toughened up by all the upheaval the name would bring. So that he could handle all the things life would throw at him. Obviously, Suh is Ndamukong’s last name, so it wasn’t a choice, but I’m sure that didn’t stop kids from poking fun at the man. Kids can be so great that way. It wouldn’t surprise me if his last name helped shape him as a man in much the same way that the child in the Cash songs, life was shaped. It had to make him stronger, and maybe even a little bit meaner. Now I can’t say where that meanness, Nastiness, and drive came from for sure, But I know his last name couldn’t have hurt to that end.

Lavonte David

Star Bucs Linebacker Lavonte David got to know Suh through functions that the University Of Nebraska would have. Being they are both Alumni of the school, it was inevitable. They became friends and kept in touch. Now that Suh is here, David was asked for his thoughts on his fellow Husker’s possible impact. “He will be a great complement to the young guys in the room,” David said. “And [Suh’s resume] speaks for itself what he has done. He’s been to a Super Bowl. He’s been to Pro Bowls, been an All-Pro. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.”– Lavonte David, per Joe Bucs Fan. It’s been reported that Bruce Almighty Arians, will use Suh in an attacking style, and not one that centers around tying up 2 or more linemen, as McCoy was often used. Arians reportedly believes the latter style is a waste of talent, and I completely agree.

Ndamukong Suh

Playing for the Rams last year, he lined up next to Aaron Donald. Donald is, of course, the Beast, and it was he that did the majority of the attacking in that scheme. Now Suh has the chance again to be the head hunter, and I for one am excited to see what he can still bring to the table in that role. Only Arians and Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles know for sure the types of alignments and the personnel combinations that will be used. I’m sure the success and failures will help determine that more as they go through the season.

Looking Toward the Season

The new staff favors a 3-4 Defense, probably with Vea at Nose Tackle. I am certain though that you will see 4-3 at times, pairing up Vea and Suh in the middle, as well as other combinations. Feeling here is that Vea will blow up this year should he stay healthy. He could easily be the best Defensive Tackle since Sapp. He’s going to be a lot closer to what Sapp brought to the table than what McCoy was able to do. (Not taking anything from Gerald, they are different types of players) Bucs fans are going to enjoy watching him, and the Man Named Suh, who is set up to have a better season than what he’s had in a few years. He will also be a leader to the younger guys, That Lavonte David is sure of.

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