December 4, 2023

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90 Yards of Sensation!

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Sport is a subject of emotion, from abject lows to highs that will never be felt again. Just seeing the action unfold on the field is enough to stir monumental feelings. Occasionally someone is so gifted with words, they are able to add or capture that emotion.

Behind the scenes with my colleague James Ludeman, we were talking about what we feel is the greatest sports call. Needless to say, this quickly turned to the Buccaneers.

James and I quickly agreed that the longtime voice of the Bucs, Gene Deckerhoff owned the best. But which one?

Nobody can deny the elation of hearing “There’s the dagger!” It was almost the coûp de grace, the announcement that the Bucs win was a formality now. It heralded Derrick Brooks pick 6 to put the Super Bowl beyond doubt.

It was the choice of James Ludeman, but not mine. For me “The dagger” was used more than once and wasn’t unique enough.

My choice?

Let me go back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,866th kick return. The opponent that day in December 2007 was the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Spurlock took the kick at his own 10-yard line and did what 141 players before him couldn’t.

For me the absolute joy of hearing Deckerhoff urging Spurlock onward was unbelievable. It still gives me chills to this day. The sight of the players, coaches, and fans understanding what was happening was perfectly captured by the simple words

“Run Michael run!”

What calls make your hair stand on end?