December 4, 2023

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What is Bucs Life to you ?

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I think more and more it’s the memories with my dad at the old Tampa Stadium and then crying on the phone with him when Ronde took it the house at the Vet. I think now, as I get older there is more to it. I know some of you are like; a Bucs life is just rooting for a losing football team. I think it’s more than that.

I had lunch today in the town I live in now, Las Vegas, with Scott Bradford, Mooky (Mike) Tiss, and Michael Hewitt. I know some of you know these guys from social media or other avenues of Bucs Media outlets. If not for the Bucs and living that Bucs life that we all do, I don’t meet these people for lunch today.

I saw Scott was in Vegas, and I was like, “hey, we gotta meet up and have lunch today.” You had three guys that love the Bucs sharing memories like we had known each other for 10-years. The lunch lasted an hour, but we could have sat forever just sharing memories of the Bucs life we live.

I know the Bucs don’t deliver for us all the time on Sunday, but look at what they have created. Another group of friends, we all know now because of this team. Mooky and Michael are great people, and if it were not for the Bucs, I probably don’t meet these people at all. Also, if not for my Dad raising me as a Bucs fan and taking me to so many of those lopsided losses, I don’t have the man, great friends, I now have in my life.

So take a break and look at what the Bucs have given you outside of football. As much as I am excited about my trip to LA to see the Bucs take on the Rams, I am more excited to see so many of my Buccaholics and Bucs Life Family. So don’t let the “GMAC: Should he stay or go” get you distracted or the JPP car accident get you down.

Take a minute to be thankful for what the Bucs have given to you. I would never know so many people around the country if it were not for the Bucs. People like, Art, Steve, Jay, Matt, George, Jose, Sacha, Brandon, and the list can go on and on. (If I forgot you it was because I didn’t want this post to last forever, and it could have )

Lately, we have seen some sad news with the death of Big Dog, who was close to my family. RIP Steve and thanks for all you did for the Tampa Sports scene. So take a break this weekend; say, “hello” to some of your Bucs Life family, and tell them how much you appreciate the bond you have with them. I am sure there are some that you have not spoken to in days, weeks, or months. Tell them hello and how much they mean to you.