March 31, 2023

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Really A Big Deal?

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There will be opinions on both sides of this topic. Should Winston have done it?

Should he allowed himself to be in a situation which possibly could have resulted in an injury off of the field?

On one hand, if I were the owner of a team and my franchise quarterback did this, I’d probably sit him down and talk about it as not being in my best financial interest.

On the other hand, it’s good for the community and the guy swinging the club knows what he’s doing and obviously has practiced this routine and is very capable.

Both sides could argue, and probably will.

For me though, I would rather side on the path of caution!

I’not sure what is in his contract concerning this kind of thing, but when it comes time to redo the terms, etc. I’d probably insert the, “Take Caution” clause! Lol!

Whatever your opinion, just don’t trash him for having fun!

Go Bucs!