February 2, 2023

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The Defense Just Got A LOT Younger Fast

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A new coach and a new scheme were needed in Tampa. No one can argue with that at all and most fans were ready for it. What we weren’t ready for, however, is just how different the defense was going to be. The veteran presence is all, but entirely gone.

Wrap your head around this: If McCoy moves on and JPP is out for the season then the entire defense with the exception of 3 guys (2 of which will not be starters) are still on rookie contracts. That’s LB Lavonte David, DT Beau Allen, and DE Will Gholston that are our veterans as it sits. S Justin Evans (3rd year), DE Noah Spence(4th year), CB Vernon Hargreaves III (4th year) are the longer tenure guys behind them.

So, do you know anyone who is a fan, but doesn’t follow the Bucs as closely as you do? You may want to clue them in. The Buccaneers defense just made a hard transition to a very youthful core. Whether it wanted to or not.