December 7, 2023

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McCoy and Pierre-Paul Defensive Line Situation

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Pierre-Paul’s decision to let the injury heal naturally, and how it affects the Bucs, seems like a soap opera surrounding our defensive line. It just keeps hunkering down on the “Carousel of Backwards Progress”, at the least, it’s staying right where it is. Pierre-Paul’s situation with his election to not have surgery, (he was told by 3 doctors that it would heal naturally) is going to put him into a healing window of 4-6 months. Then it will be determined where he is at in relation to his availability to the team.

So as far as the Pierre Paul situation goes? The Bucs must move on like he’s not coming back this year. This would allow both sides to be prepared for either outcome. This isn’t the first time that a bad decision has ended in injury to Pierre-Paul. I’m sure everyone remembers the “fireworks debacle” when he played for the Giants. The guy is loaded with talent, but he keeps getting into his own way with injuries that should never have happened. Even after this injury has healed, it remains to be seen if it will come into play again when he resumes full contact.

“When I was in Arizona, that last week we’d always add that missing piece. We’re looking for that missing piece right now, but there’s someone out there. John Abraham came in, Dwight Freeney came in, guys that really impacted our defense and Todd did a great job of matching them up so we’re nowhere near where we’re going to be in September. So we’ll just wait and see.”

-Bruce Arians

What is going to happen with McCoy?

Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows at this point what is going to Happen with Gerald. Supposedly there is still interest from Cleveland. With the Pierre-Paul situation, you would think the Bucs would want to retain him. Then again, with the salary cap situation, you know the Bucs are wanting to get some relief with that as well. So, until we get somebody marching to the podium and directly addressing that, it’s all speculation and more turns of the carousel. Arians has addressed it in the best way he can(see above quote). He is confident that the missing piece will make itself known all in good time. Whether that is from Anthony Nelson, a free agent, or a combination of the two or a fourth unknown option, remains to be seen. Stay tuned Bucs Fans, time is the great physician.

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