June 7, 2023

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Kyle Riddle’s Rundown: Why Vita Vea’s Role Will Be Crucial This Season

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This season as the Bucs transition into a 3-4 defense DT Vita Vea’s role will be critical to a having a successful front 7. Vea will be playing NT in the new defensive alignment meaning Vea will be lining up directly across from the center. It will be his job to use his size and speed to take on 2 and even 3 blockers at a time, which will allow the Bucs pass rushers to get to the QB and help the DEs and LBs help stop the run.

Vea played the same position while in college at Washington, so the transaction to NT shouldn’t be too difficult. With his size at 330 lbs and his athleticism, he will be the heartbeat of the defensive line. Look for Vea to establish himself as one of the premier NTs in the league this season. If everything comes together, it will be a beautiful thing for Bucs fans to witness.

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