December 7, 2023

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Home Improvement: Jameis Winston

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This season has to be different. A phrase that has been spoken by just about every Buccaneers fan. There are many concerns about the state of our team at this moment. Everything from cap space, to kicking (again…seriously). What is it going to take to go from worst to first? We will be examining some position players in the new series titled: Home Improvement.

Today we start with the easiest, and probably most obvious. Jameis Winston is coming into a make or break year here in Tampa Bay. There are many reasons for Jameis to be gone, but there are also reasons for him to be here as well. His talent on the field, while sometimes head-scratching, is not to be undervalued. Jameis has the ability to extend plays, even when his offensive line breaks down (which happens a lot by the way). The key for Jameis this year, is to throw less. In Winston’s first two years, he attempted a total of 1, 102 passes. His production the last two years have been down (Injury, suspensions, etc.), but when Jameis has played, he’s throwing 40 to 45 pass attempts on average a game. That is way too much for a Quarterback who has trouble with forcing passes.

If you want Jameis to succeed, you have to limit his passing to 30 attempts a game. Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all on Jameis. The offensive line has been a problem spot, in addition to not having a consistent run game. However, if the Bucs want to be successful and move out of the cellar of the NFC South, Bruce Arians will need to work on balancing his current franchise guy. I believe he will, and we may see the beginning of a new era in Tampa Bay. A new era led by a Quarterback who isn’t perfect by any means, but will make better decisions and better judgment calls.

Next time on Home Improvement, we will look at the defensive side of the football, and highlight a returning Vernon Hargreaves! Stay tuned to Bucs Life News for all your updates, news, and notes!

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