December 7, 2023

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JPP Plot Twist?

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Originally TMZ stated that JPP was driving an SUV in an accident at 5 am last Thursday morning, when in fact, he hydroplaned his Ferrari, crashing into the center median, which resulted in a neck fracture. Greg Auman confirmed this and also confirmed that there was a discrepancy in the times of when the accident occurred.

According to Auman, the accident happened at 2:35 am, and not 5 am as originally reported. He verified this through the Florida Highway Patrol. No charges were filed, and it was stated that he was not speeding.

But why the down play?

It was originally stated that the accident was minor, and so were his injuries, but it turns out that his injuries were not so minor and the accident was a little more than minor itself.

News that JPP may miss the entire season, due to a fractured neck is flying all over social media and media outlets across the globe. JPP will seek a second opinion to confirm the original diagnosis or hopefully, receive good news. As it stands now, he could miss 5-6 months at best. Certainly, he will need surgery. The general fear is that JPP’s injuries could have career ending implications, making him the second Bucs player in two years to have such career implications from an auto accident.

What does that mean for his spot on the Bucs roster?

Jenna Laine stated that he is due to make $14.9 million plus incentives for the 2019 season, but that $7.5 million of his base salary that became fully guaranteed on March 15th is not guaranteed if he is placed on the Non-Football Injury List.

So that means, if Tampa places him on that list and decide not to give him that guaranteed money, they free up $7.5 million towards signing draft picks, allowing Tampa to keep Gerald McCoy, and only needing to search for roughly $3 million more to meet cap requirements. There is no need to trade or cut any big name players, like I’ve seen thrown around social media, as now this lower figure needed is much easier to achieve.

The word I’m getting out of One Buc is that the Buccaneers were only shopping McCoy due to cap issues, but now the only way the will consider a trade is if they are given an offer they can’t refuse.

McCoy has recently been working out in Buccaneers’ attire seen here on his Instagram:





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