September 25, 2023

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Arians and Licht Got Winston Some Help By Way of the Defense

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“Defense wins championships!” I’ve heard that line time and time again. It’s ingrained in the culture that is football.

I’ve got a consolation:

What if the defense just won you games?

Crazy right? Earlier on the off-season Bruce Arians sat down and had a talk with QB Jameis Winston on what they thought would be best for the team. This was followed by Jason Licht saying he’d be listening heavily to Arians’ input towards in draft decisions.

So this is just me spinning a little yarn here, but probably not that much. But it seems to me that Jameis said the defense needed help Because that’s precisely what he got. He got help in the form of defense. Most of the draft picks were heavily used on spots to provide very heavy competition in a fast and aggressive defensive scheme. Let’s see how it pans out.