December 4, 2023

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Jameis Winston Has to Be Kicked Out of One Buc

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Most people like to work a 9-5 but not Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston is sticking to his work routine of showing up before everyone else and leaving after one else. His 5-5 schedule shows dedication on our Quarterback’s part, and that’s an often overlooked quality, and in my opinion, a great quality to have. One you would want in your Franchise Quarterback. I would think that if Winston gets the long term contract next year that it would come along with a set of keys to Advent Health Training Center.

Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich said he has to run Winston out of the building and that is one of the best things, that he is there all the time working on his craft. As a coach you have to appreciate that.

“Well, the best thing is we have to run the kid out of the building. As you know, this kid Jameis is here all the time. Jameis is here all the time working on his craft. So, as a coach, you appreciate players that go about it the way he goes about it. So, it’s excellent from that standpoint. Now, we just have to input the information that he needs to be able to execute this offense the way we would like him to execute the offense, but he’s doing a hell of a job. He’s picking it up quick. Now, it’s just getting through the little new offenses and having an understanding of how we manipulate defenses and how we are able to operate at a high level.”

There is no question about Winston’s determination to get better every day and his dedication shows no bounds, and as I said, it is an often overlooked trait due to most people only focusing on the negative. Hard work rarely fails to pay off, so one day Winston will lead a team to greatness. Maybe even to the Promised Land [Super Bowl]. I just hope it’s our team.

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