September 29, 2023

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Todd Bowles says Bucs have 2 QBs on defense: David and White

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Leadership is a big deal for anything you do. Football puts a serious amount of emphasis on it, especially on defense. These roles are dubbed the “quarterback of the defense”. These roles are usually given to your proven veterans and the position is usually centered around the middle linebacker position so it’s no surprise that vet MLB Lavonte David is viewed by Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles as QB of the defense. But it’s not just him alone. First-round draft pick MLB Devin White is viewed as the defensive QB as well.

Now, this doesn’t come as a big surprise for those that familiar with White’s play style and personality at LSU. He’s a “type A” personality and Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles, and Jason Licht were very big on this when they met with him pre-draft. So a young leader paired with a veteran leader is not a shocking thing in this scenario. David and White paired together will ensure the defense has great leadership for the foreseeable future. Something it has desperately needed.