March 31, 2023

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Bring Back The Creamsicles!

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When I was in Nashville at the draft, I was wearing my Selmon Creamsicle one day and my Lynch Creamsicle another day.

One thing I noticed as I walked by I got so many compliments on it and by opposing fans especially. So my thought on this is: We are getting new uniforms in 2020, how about bringing back the Creamsicle for good?

Former Bucs receiver Antonio Bryant is making a case to bring them back permanently, and I have to agree.

I’d keep everything just as we remember it except for one thing; Bucco Bruce. He looks too nice to be a pirate.

For starters, he resembles the old actor Errol Flynn. I’d keep his hair and hat the same, but the face, that’s where we need to change.

Instead of winking, he should have an eye patch, and a few scars on his face, yes you could make Bucco Bruce look mean, and that’s what should happen.

Right now we have 2 primary colors, red and pewter, let’s go back to Creamsicle being our primary color and red our secondary color.

Everyone loves them so let’s make the Creamsicles great again! I for one, think it would be awesome!