June 1, 2023

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Licht Talks About the 5th Pick

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Licht fields a question about taking an LB in the first round:

“You’re thinking that he’s going to be a special player and make an impact. To say that he’s Ray Lewis, I think that that’s a little tough to say.”

Licht talks about how he thinks the Bucs will have the chance to grab a very good player at #5:

“I think we’ll get a very good player at five. I think we have a very good player. We have at least five players that we think, at least five, that if we stay in our spot that we’d be very happy with.”

These statements by Licht show that he has his eyes on several players with the 5th overall pick. Whatever the case me be, we as fans can definitely count on a player that will have a huge impact next season as some players at the top are definitely NFL ready.