December 6, 2023

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Jason Licht on Kendell Beckwith

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We all know Kendell Beckwith was injured in a car accident last year, forcing him to miss the entire season with a severe ankle injury sustained in that incident and it seems that Beckwith is still not ready to go.

Licht was asked about Beckwith’s situation and if it had an impact on the draft. Here was his response:

“He’s not cleared to practice, I know that I’ve been telling you guys that we’re going to have an update for you, we’re just, for a while now, we’re going through the final evaluations of that. Kendell is working with our staff and specialists around the country, and we are working towards an evaluation to give you an update here shortly.”

“I don’t know if it totally affects the draft, I mean, whenever you don’t have a player like Kendell, if you don’t think he’s going to be ready, Kendell is a very good player, I don’t know if it affects the draft or not.”

It certainly does not sound well for Beckwith at the moment and although Licht stated that he doesn’t believe it affects the draft, one would have to believe that it will. I would have to believe that bad news pertaining to Beckwith would have to have some sort of impact on the draft; whether in the first round or second round. I would think that the Bucs will be looking to add a top tier linebacker somewhere in the first two rounds, if they receive bad news about Beckwith’s ability to rejoin the team.

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