June 7, 2023

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Godwin for Greatness?

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Allow me, Dear Reader, to take you behind the scenes here at Bucs Life News. As so often football was the topic and specifically, Chris Godwin. The question posed was “could Godwin have a Pro Bowl year?”

This caused a Pavlovian response of bile rising in my throat; why? I despise the Pro Bowl in its current format! I’ve seen seasons where players have been named to the Pro Bowl after spending most of the year either injured or not really doing much. Players have dominated, only to be ignored. Why? Name recognition or market saturation.

But was it always this way? No, it wasn’t! Which led me to write this article.

So back to the original question; could Godwin have a Pro Bowl year? In the traditional sense, absolutely! Is Godwin a big enough name yet to be voted in? Unlikely.

Frankly, I don’t care.

What the Pro Bowl used to signify was that a player had excelled in his position that season. That is what I want to see. I’m sure Godwin would consider it a higher privilege to be recognized by making the All-Pro team, rather than the watered down circus currently on offer.

Chris Godwin has everything to be dominant. His 40 time of 4.42 makes him one of the fastest guys on the field. His 19 reps of the bench press shows he has strength in abundance. His 36-inch vertical jump demonstrates crazy athleticism.

And NOW he’s going to be playing in the slot in Tampa? Coach Arians has given Godwin a license to gain yards and catches at will. Lined up against an OLB, Godwin is as good as uncovered. The short to middle of the field now belongs to Chris Godwin on game day.

It might seem like a small move, but Godwin going to slot receiver will be the piece that allows this entire team to be unstoppable on offense. Does the opposing coach drop the safety to cover Godwin? Do they really risk leaving someone on an island against Evans or Perriman?

Pick your poison, but Godwin is going to be a HUGE player this year.

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