June 7, 2023

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Who is Arians Grooming as the future Bucs Head Coach?

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It’s great to have Bruce Arians as the Bucs head coach, but when Arians does eventually decide to retire for good sometime in the future, whenever that happens to be, the Bucs need to have a plan for whom their head coach is going to be after Arians hangs it up.

Arians has been quoted as saying, “my successor is currently on the coaching staff if things go as planned, but it would be hard to pick one.” Arians also mentioned that he believes there are four or five coaches who are currently on the Bucs coaching staff who could do the job.

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Out of the entire coaching staff, I don’t know who the other two or three coaches are who would be considered, perhaps Harold Goodwin and Clyde Christianson, but in my mind, most likely, there are really only two. Those two are Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich. In the past, Arians has said that he believes Leftwich has a bright future as a head coach in the NFL, but I doubt he would be the pick. I say this because of Leftwich’s lack of experience. This is Leftwich’s first season as a full-fledged offensive coordinator. In a way, Arians is taking a risk by giving Leftwich a shot. I think Leftwich certainly has the potential to be a good head coach due to his experience as a starting QB in the NFL. I hope he is successful.

The man whom I believe is going to be Arians eventual successor is Todd Bowles. Todd Bowles certainly has the necessary experience and the track record of success in the NFL, mainly as a defensive coordinator. His ability to put together a very talented defense and coach them up is truly something special. This could translate into success as a head coach. His first run as a head coach with the New York Jets might not have gone so well, but we are talking about the Jets. They’re terrible and their player personnel on the offensive side of the ball during Bowles’ tenure as the Jets head coach was pitiful, but Bowles was building one heck of a talented defense.

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However, let’s also not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, there needs to be a plan for the future, but let’s focus on the here and now. The Bucs signed Bruce Arians to a four-year contract with a fifth-year option. Yes, I know sometimes things happen and things change, but Arians’ Doctor has cleared him as healthy enough to coach. Let’s not look too far into the future just yet. Let’s enjoy Bruce Arians while we have him in Tampa. He’s probably going to be here for a while, especially if he indeed is able to turn the Bucs into a winning team.