March 31, 2023

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Jason Licht Comments on Losing Humph and Alexander

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The loss of Adam Humphries and Kwon Alexander especially hit the fans hard. Many fans immediately were calling for Licht’s head, which is the norm among fans when moves happen, they don’t like, but some were even calling for the termination of Bruce Arians before the team has even seen one practice.

Licht admitted that losing the two was a hard pill to swallow. The team and the players just could not come to terms on a deal, and they found the contract that they desired with another team.

Humphries signed a 4-year $36 million contract with the Tennessee Titans, and that was a figure that the team just could not offer at the time. Sad as it is that he left Tampa Bay, Humphries will now enjoy a fat contract and will be closer to his home in Spartanburg South Carolina.

Kwon was looking for a big payday, and Tampa wasn’t willing to give him nearly what he was asking for, but John Lynch and the 49ers were more than willing to take a chance on Kwon Alexander, who just came off of a nasty injury. Alexander is set to make $54 million over the next four years, and if he can remain healthy, he will help boost that 49er defense this season.