September 27, 2023

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Jason Licht and DeSean Jackson Had A Good Relationship

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Whether or not Licht and Jackson had a good relationship or even a Bro-mance per se, one fact remains, and that is that Jackson and Winston had no on the field relationship. Whether the two go along off of the field is one thing, but considering they had no chemistry on the field was a problem and not connecting with your deep threat, was a bigger problem.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that DeSean Jackson was not happy here in Tampa as it was more than apparent because Jackson was adamant about it and wore his heart on his sleeve often. Licht stating that we have other receivers that he likes indicates to me that we did not necessarily need Jackson at all and that we could see a new deep threat emerge this upcoming season. My money would be Perriman, but with Arians and company now in place, a developing deep threat could come from anywhere on the roster.

Licht trading Jackson to Philly not only worked out for both parties but, in my opinion, got rid of a potential problem player heading into the next season.

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