December 4, 2023

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Bucs Are In Wait Mode For Jameis Winston Extension

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Winston is coming up on a big contract year, and if he can remain healthy, make good decisions, and elevate his game with Arian’s tutelage, then Jameis will be looking at a big payday after this season.

The Buccaneers, at the moment, are not looking to negotiate any kind of contract extension until they see how Jameis Winston is going to perform in 2019. Winston is in his option year, which will pay him $20,922,000 for the season, but that number can go significantly higher at the end of this year.

Jameis Winston has been working his butt off to get into the shape that he feels will help the team out, and that is at 250lbs packed with muscle. He has worked on his mechanics and should be in prime position to improve immensely this season and earn that astronomical contract that we all believe is coming.


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