February 5, 2023

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Jameis Winston Wants to Pack on The Weight

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Remember Fat Jameis? The picture of Jameis Winston with the workout belt on that gave the impression that he was overweight? Winston was only listed as being nearly 227 lbs at that time, and that was 20 lbs less than his previous weight. 

Jameis is currently listed at 231 lbs but is wanting to play at the 250lbs mark. So, get ready for Brolic Winston.

Via the Tampa Bay Times, Winston said,

“I’m getting it. I’m going to play bigger this year. I’m about 250. Yeah. A solid 250. It’s just about hydration and being at the peak body, too.”

Winston is working hard and packing on the muscle. Adding this extra beef could be beneficial. A leaner, more durable, Jameis Winston is not a bad thing, and it should not affect his throwing in any way. If it will affect anything, it would only make him tougher to bring down.



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