September 27, 2023

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Barber Can Thrive in Arian’s Offense

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Now that Bruce Arians has taken over this will be a completely different offense, and it’s no secret Arian’s loves a power running game. Arian’s likes to wear down opposing defenses using the run, then take deep throws downfield, hence the name “no risk it no biscuit.”

Peyton Barber is the perfect RB for this new offense. At 5’10” 228 lbs, Barber is a punishing RB that is also extremely athletic, making good lateral cuts when he has to. Barber also showed the ability to make a few catches out of the backfield with 20 rec last season, although he is at his best when he just lowers his head and plows thru the defense. Look for Barber to have a big season as this offense is much more suited for his talent than Dirk Koetter’s was.

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