June 7, 2023

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Should The Bucs Move on From Gerald McCoy?

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Lately, many sports writers and fans have called for the release of Bucs DT Gerald McCoy. The Bucs have little cap room and McCoy takes up quite a bit so, releasing McCoy would free up around $13 million.

I say McCoy is worth every penny. He is still a top 5 DT and is the only player with at least 6 sacks in every season since 2013. Sure he’s on the wrong side of 30 but he can still produce, and he is still the heartbeat of that D Line.

Todd Bowles’ new 3-4 defense will still be a one-gap defensive front, which essentially means McCoy will remain a 3 technique DT. That’s exactly what Bowles did with Darnell Dockett during their Cardinals’ days and look how well that turned out. So the answer is no. It’s not time to move on from McCoy. Not yet. Let’s wait and see what next season brings.

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