June 1, 2023

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Trust The Process!

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In every one of my articles, I’ve mentioned this: Trust The Process.

Bruce Arians is a thinking man.

He has made some moves that some fans have questioned, but seriously, where do most fans work? In restaurants, factories, etc.

The everyday fan isn’t involved with the day to day functions of an NFL franchise.

Sure we may have our opinions, but seriously, the average fan really doesn’t understand.

Bruce has a football mind. He’s been taught by some of the best, and has taught some of the best!

I, for one, am very curious on how the Bucs will do. Not this season, but two to three years down the road!

We are reloading right now, and this really doesn’t happen in a single season. It can, but not usually.

In our society, patience is usually thrown out with the bathwater, as fans we need to be logical, not emotional.

Trust the process.