December 6, 2023

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Bucs Could Potentially Lose Adam Humphries?

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This one is a hard one to take in, but for the Buccaneers, it may be the reality. Adam Humphries hasn’t been the star WR1 type for the Bucs, but when the time has come to go to work and get the chains moved, he’s always been the man for the job. It was understood that signing Hump to a long term deal was a priority as Jason Licht stated at the end of the season, but salary cap issues may flat out prevent it or hump may decide to test the free agent waters.

Quoting Mark Cook of Pewter Report:

“The Bucs looked to extend Humphries on a long-term deal last year, but his asking price was rumored to be in the $8 million per year range. Tampa Bay decided to shelve the extension talks at the time, and now with free agency approaching, the thought that $8 million was crazy money appears to be fair market value in a fairly weak class of free agent receivers.

Looking at the list, Demaryius Thomas (31 and injured), Randall Cobb (29), Golden Tate (31) and Cole Beasley (30) are some recognizable names on a fairly unimpressive list of aging veterans.”

Signing as UDFA with the Bucs in 2014, Humphries has been a shining example of the phrase “diamond in the rough” and whatever price he’s asked for, he’s earned with grit, and determination. Hopefully, Licht can make some moves and find a happy medium. Here’s to hoping.

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