June 1, 2023

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Jameis Winston Is The X-Factor

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Several months ago, it was being reported that Bruce Arians said that the only reason he would come out of retirement would be to become the head coach for the Cleveland Browns. Fast forward to late December/early January when Arians was linked to the Bucs and then officially hired in Tampa, he said that the Bucs job intrigued him because he didn’t think it would be available.

Jameis Winston is the x-factor in the whole ordeal. The history between Arians and Winston has been well documented. I honestly believe that if the Bucs didn’t have Winston or somebody with Winston’s potential, Arians would probably not be the Bucs head coach right now. Arians is known as the QB whisperer, having had success with several top-notch NFL QB’s in the past. It was a match made in Heaven. The previous relationship between the two is extremely important.

In an article written by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times entitled Bucs’ Bruce Arians/Jameis Winston, A Match Made in Birmingham, Stroud writes,

“Winston needed a coach who could resurrect his career in his final year under contract with the Bucs. At 66, Arians needed a reason to come back to the sideline after the former Cardinals coach spent one year in retirement. 


Think about it.


There were two main requirements for any man wanting to be the Bucs’ next head coach: He had to accept that Winston was the starting quarterback in 2019. He also had to be willing to work with Jason Licht as general manager. Not only was Arians willing to do both, he actually preferred it.”

Arians is ready to win, and win now, and having a franchise QB in Winston, with a huge amount of potential, really helps. Arians believes that the Bucs have the ‘core’ to be able to win now.

Arians and Winston are going to lead this team to new heights! I’m excited about the coming season. It’s all up from here. Go Bucs!

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