March 31, 2023

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Shut Up and Do Your Job!

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Ron Jaworski has recently come out and commented on D-Jax’s bickering and saying that he wants to be traded, as well as saying that he wants to have more plays. Jaws said, “DeSean just needs to shut up and play.”

-Opinion Editorial-

I can’t agree more.

Now, I’m sure the Winston haters are gonna come out and say he the reason why D-Jax wants to leave, but how can you blame Jameis Winston when nobody else has the issues D-Jax is having.

D-Jax makes a ton of money to play a sport we all love, and if he were truly committed to his team, then the offseason voluntary camp is where he would be, getting as much time in as possible for him and Winston to be on the same page.

Unless the ball is thrown exactly to DeSean, he won’t attempt to go after the ball. He also doesn’t like to dive or extend for the for the catch. It seems like Jackson won’t help out his QB the same as other receivers do. However, I’ve been to plenty of games and seen in person, where if Jackson does dive or extends his body for the football, then the catch is made.

Mike Evans, Adam Humphries, Cameron Brate, O.J. Howard, and Chris Godwin do not have the same issues catching passes from Jameis Winston. However, they all also go out of their way to help out their QB. If the ball is not perfectly thrown, they will dive for it and do everything in their power to catch the ball.

I know coach Bruce Arians would love for D-Jax to stay cause of his speed, but I wonder how long coach Arians would put up with D-Jax not putting in the extra effort for catches, and not going all out when needed.

To answer Ron Jaworski’s statement, I totally agree that Jackson needs to shut up and play because if he doesn’t, then we don’t need his negativity on our team. 2019 is an option year for DeSean Jackson, and if we were to cut him, there would be no cap hit. So, it doesn’t hurt us. If D-Jax doesn’t change his ways, then he might just get cut or traded. I would rather trade him.

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