June 7, 2023

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Carson Palmer Says Bucs Win At Least Nine Games Next Season

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Carson Palmer joined in on the NFL Network’s Super Bowl Live show this week, where he raved about the hiring of Bruce Arians.

Palmer knows a thing or two about the Buccaneers new head coach while playing for him in Arizona, and believes that the Bucs are in for an immediate turnaround.

The retired quarterback said that he believes the Buccaneers are in for a 9 or better season next year.

“In Bruce’s system, when you’ve got DeSean Jackson, you’ve got Mike Evans, you’ve got some players on defense, you’ll turn that around quickly.”

“I think it’s a quick turnaround. I think it happens this year. I think they’re a winning team this year. I think they win at least nine games.”

Former NFL running back, Reggie Bush, replied in a joking manner, “Even with Jameis Winston?”

“I love him and Jameis Winston together. Bruce’s offense with Jameis’ arm and his capability to deliver the ball accurately 30 yards, 40 yards down the field. You don’t throw slants in Bruce’s offense. You don’t have to be real accurate underneath you have to be accurate throwing comebacks, digs over linebacker’s heads, the big post, the Bang 8 post. Jameis can do all of that.”

Palmer believes the Buccaneers have what it takes to win with Bruce Arians running the show, and certainly, this could be the case as Arians has done it on more than one occasion in the past.



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