March 31, 2023

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A Great Day For Bucs Fans

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What were you doing 16 years ago today? How did you wake up?
Could you even sleep the night before?

  This is me the night before our franchise’s biggest game.

Normally at away games, my son and I would always watch them with his grandfather, and none of us liked to be talked to when we’re watching the game. But this one was different of course. So many of my friends were having Super Bowl parties, and I didn’t wanna go. I wanted to stick to my routine. One of my friends convinced me to go to one of the parties. I remember once the game started, being so tense and holding a pillow, telling everyone,

“Don’t take offense, if I don’t talk to you or acknowledge you.”

So everything, of course, went awesome as you all know the result, and nobody bothered me. They all knew how much of a Bucs fan, I am and they said that they all understood.

After the game, it was such an awesome feeling, and after that game, it made Creamsicle cool to wear again. If you mentioned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, nobody was laughing anymore. They made our area proud, not only that, but they made every Bucs player before them proud.

At the end of the telecast, every commentator was giving out game balls. One said, “Jon Gruden,” and another said, “Simeon Rice.” Someone then said,

“Chris Berman is in the Bucs locker room now, and his game ball went to Lee Roy Selmon for being the first Buc in the hall of fame.”  

I thought that was cool.

After the game, I, like many others, went up to Tampa to celebrate out in the streets outside of Raymond James Stadium. It was an awesome, awesome, feeling. This is a feeling I want to experience again real soon. We have many great fans that I’ve become great friends with, and we all deserve this moment again!

The Super Bowl win was for every die-hard fan that stuck with them throughout all of the losing seasons. It was one of the greatest moments in time that erased all of the bad years. As I am getting ready to go to Gasparilla today, today reminds me of the best parade of them all; The Super Bowl parade!

Hey, coach Arians! Get us back there soon!

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