December 7, 2023

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are under a new regime with the hiring of head coach Bruce Arians. The team has some holes to fill, and the 2019 free agent class has a plethora of players that would benefit the Buccaneers. The offensive line, secondary, and the linebackers are what the Buccaneers should focus on this off-season. The team needs to get the defensive side of the ball back to the glory days of Sapp, Brooks, Barber, and Lynch.

We will take look at the most convenient options at positions offered. This does not mean that the current roster isn’t good enough to get the job done, but these free agents could help put the Buccaneers over the hump. Let’s begin with the offensive line. This seems to be a hot topic for most Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans want to be addressed. Kevin Pamphile (Ten) and D.J. Fluker (Sea) would be great fits with the Buccaneers.

Kevin Pamphile has roots with the Buccaneers. He spent 2014-2018 in Tampa Bay, where he began his career as a tight end. In 2016-2017 he went full time as a guard/tackle for the Buccaneers. He played in 14 games and 16 games in his first two seasons as an offensive lineman. He is 6’5 and tips the scales at 315 pounds. He spent last season with the Tennessee Titans protecting number two pick in the 2015 NFL Draft: Marcus Mariota. He played in three games and started two games. He would beef up and add some needed insurance to a key position the tackle position.

The next offensive lineman that could be an option for the Bucs is the Seattle Seahawks Guard, D.J. Fluker. He has bounced around the NFL, landing in San Diego, New York, and Seattle. Fluker is 6’5 and 342 pounds. He has been incredibly durable at a position that sees a ton of injuries. Fluker has only played in single digit games one time in his career. That was in 2017 with the Giants. The last name on the list is New Orleans Saints tackle Jermon Bushrod. He is a little more seasoned than the previous two names, but he has a championship pedigree. He started with the Saints in 2007. After the 2012 season, Bushrod went to the Bears. He made a quick stop in Miami before ultimately landing back with the Saints. What a better free agent signing than stealing one of Drew Brees’ protectors. These three offensive linemen may not be the names Buccaneers fans want to hear, but we should definitely look at trying to sign them for insurance or to start.

Next, let’s look at the linebackers/ defensive ends. The first thing fans want to see is the Buccaneers bring back Kwon Alexander. There are two names out on the free agent market that would be great fits for Todd Bowles defense. Miami Dolphins Cameron Wake and Los Angeles Rams Dante Fowler Jr. The Buccaneers have made it very public they will scheme their defense around their players’ strengths. If they could land Alexander and Cameron Wake, the defense would be elite once again. Cameron Wake is an absolute stud. Wake is 6’3 and weighs 263 pounds. He is like Kwon Alexander and LaVonte David. He is a tackling machine. Last season he racked up 6 sacks and 21 solo tackles. He is about the only good defensive player for the Dolphins. Wake’s had five seasons with double-digit sacks. The only problem with Wake is he will be entering his 11th season and is 37-years old. Now, Dante Fowler Jr. spent the majority of the 2018 season with the LA Rams. He was traded by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In three seasons, Fowler has 16 sacks, 83 combined tackles, and 64 solo tackles. He is another genetic freak on the field standing 6’3, 255 pounds.

Lastly, the secondary needs some major help. We have plenty of youth in the back half of the defense, and the new coaching staff may want to just develop that talent. There are two names that pop out to me that could help develop that secondary into a powerhouse of the NFC South. No, I am not talking about Earl Thomas, although I would like to see him in pewter, but Landon Collins and Bryce Callahan are great free agents for the Buccaneers. The New York Giants were shopping Landon Collins in the 2018 season, and the Buccaneers were linked to him. Now is the time to pounce and get him to Tampa Bay. The 6’0, 218-pound enforcer was a standout in New York. In his career, Collins has 8 interceptions, 428 combined tackles, and 321 solo tackles. Collins has only missed five games in his short career. The Buccaneers need a safety that puts fear into the opposing wide receivers. Collins would instantly become a fan favorite in Tampa. Bryce Callahan has played in double-digit for the Bears the past 3 seasons. The Bears do not want to see Callahan hit free agency because he is a talent that is going to get paid. He will help these young guys get better each week. Callahan has been pushed by former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. He would make a nice compliment to other players in the secondary.

Some of you may disagree with the names on this list, but I believe that financially they make sense for the Buccaneers. We could get impact players at a discounted price and this could be what makes Tampa the favorite in the NFC South. We have to create pressure, but be able to play man to man on these talented wide receivers. Let’s be insightful and excited for the 2019 season because ownership, management, and the coaching staff have us heading in the right direction. Keep an eye on breaking news from Bucs Life News and All Things Bucs.

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