December 6, 2023

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Can Bruce Arians Bring DeSean Jackson Back?

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It’s no secret that DeSean Jackson’s time in Tampa has been rocky for everyone. Jackson was highly desired when he entered free agency in 2017, and the Buccaneers signed him to a $33m/3 year deal. He was believed to be the deep threat the Buccaneers offense was missing averaging 17.9 YPC. Jameis Winston and Mike Evans had hands in recruiting DeSean to Tampa, but that was about as far their chemistry went. Despite drills run by Winston and Jackson in the off-season of 2018 to help develop a link, the two never built chemistry on the field. That lack of chemistry eventually led to rumors of confrontations in the locker room. Jackson requested a trade before the season’s trade deadline.

It was also reported by CBS Sports that Jackson was fined extensively for being late to meetings and falling asleep. After being inactive with a thumb injury in week 17, it was all but set in stone that both Jackson and the Buccaneers were moving on. That was until Bruce Arians came in. Ian Rapoport reported to GMFB: “What BA wants to do is keep him there and convince him that DeSean Jackson can be a big part of the offense with Arians now,” Rapoport said.This discussion will be all about how Jameis Winston can find Jackson in this offense. If Bruce Arians can get that done, then DeSean Jackson stays.”

So, can Arians bring DeSean Jackson back to the team? Arians has a high reputation among players and coaches, so If anyone were to be able to get him back to the team with a minimal fight being put up, it would be Bruce Arians. Having a deep threat like Jackson running behind defenses will really open up the passing game, especially if Winston can find a way to link up with him like they’ve both wanted.

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