March 31, 2023

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Why Offensive Lineman Are So Important

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You don’t have to look far for the Buccaneers weaknesses at any player position the offensive side of the ball. It’s mainly our offensive line, and in the words of legendary Bucs’ head coach John McKay, “it was offensive.”

If you look at the teams in the playoffs, they all had one thing in common they won the battle of the trenches, and their offensive lines played well down the stretch.

Quenton Nelson was one of the guys I wanted the Bucs to draft, but we missed out on him by one spot. Although I’m satisfied with Vita Vea, we needed help on both sides of the trenches. If you take a look at the Colts, their offensive line drastically improved with the addition, Quenton Nelson. It goes to show you how invaluable an offensive lineman can be.

With Jameis always getting pressure in his face, and little to no time to set up for the deep passing routes Koetter continually called, it exposed the weakness on the right side of our O-line. If there is one weak link on the O-line, it can throw off the whole offense.

Everyone seems to want the Bucs to draft Greedy Williams, and he would be a solid selection, but what do you do if Jonah Williams of Alabama is there at 5th as well? He is a dominant offensive lineman, who can play the right tackle or left tackle.

If it comes down to both Williams being there a 5th, my opinion is, and as much as I’d love to have Greedy, I’d have to go with Jonah. Jonah Williams is so versatile that you can put him as your left tackle, and he would likely be another Paul Gruber, and if you can keep Donovan Smith for a fair price, you can put him at right tackle which is his natural position.

Well, that is this fan’s opinion on what the Bucs should do. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

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