December 7, 2023

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What to do with Benenoch?

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Caleb Benenoch, that name should incite fear in any able-bodied QB on the face of this earth, especially if you have gone to either Harvard or Florida State and wear #14 or #3.

To say Benenoch’s season was horrible is an understatement. He led the team in sacks allowed and was a constant turnstile at the right guard position. From getting destroyed off the snap to falling down like he was shot it was a nightmare to watch our QBs run for their lives when #77 was on the field.

24 hours ago I was 100% set and ok with him being shown the door. Then at 2:30 pm ET a certain Kangol wearing head coach was introduced, and now I’m questioning everything.

Can this staff get Benenoch in shape?

Can they make him a solid right guard?

I don’t have these answers, but I think they can. The way Arians gushed about this staff and the fact that Warhop is long gone gives me hope in that maybe Benenoch can be saved.

It will definitely be an interesting offseason, and right guard will be at the forefront. Fact is, I couldn’t be any more excited for what the future holds with this new staff. Things are looking up Bucs Nation!!!!

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