December 7, 2023

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Why Jameis Winston Will Succeed.

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I’ve been saying for a very long time that Dirk has not called plays properly for the talent he had on his team.

Dirk’s offense was predicated on the deep pass setting up the short pass, and run game, which is totally backward, especially since our offensive line and the right side, mostly the right side, is our weakness. We have an offensive line that doesn’t play as a unit. If there are weaknesses, it will make the entire line look bad.

When Jameis has an average of two seconds to get rid of a ball how can you keep calling deep pass plays? A new coach will definitely see this, rather a good coach will see this, and it will also be part of the reason why Jameis does so well on rollouts. Jameis does throw well on the run, and when he does, it gives the receivers more time to get open which results in taking the weakness of the right side of our line away.

Everyone keeps on saying that Jameis couldn’t hit DeSean Jackson deep, well, unless the ball is right there in his hands, he won’t catch the ball. Jackson never would dive, or help his QB out by shaking it up on the field. But, part of that was Dirk’s play calling. I’ve seen numerous times Evans, Brate, Humphries, Howard, and Godwin, having to come back or diving to help their QB out. Winston rarely has any issues with them.

I feel with DeSean Jackson not going to be here next year, the pressures of trying to get him the ball will be gone, and along with fixing the offensive line, and getting a coach to call plays that suit Winston’s strength will benefit him and the run game will also improve.

If anyone wants to give up on Jameis Winston, they are crazy. The right coach will get the most out of him. That’s why I’m hoping that Bruce Arians is the guy. I feel he will get the most out of Winston, and I’m looking forward to seeing big things out of my QB Jameis Winston.

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