September 27, 2023

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What’s Really Going On?

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Special Feature:

Brent Grimes joined wife Miko for her “Year13” podcast to speak about the 2018 season.

Grimes, who was injured for the first two games, mentioned that heading into the season he wasn’t even sure that he was going to play, however, the Bucs called him and they agreed on a base salary of $7m for the year. He pointed out that the base salary was a little low for guys of his skill level.

Grimes went on to state that when he returned to action in week three, that the Buccaneers asked him to follow receivers, which is something that corners get paid $14m to $15m a year to do unless they are rookies.

Feeling disrespected, he continued to say that due to the fact that the Bucs were paying him only $7m and asking him to follow some of the best receivers in the League like Julio Jones, A.J. Green, and Antonio Brown that he felt like it ruined his vibe for the season.

“That just F***** up my whole vibe for the whole year to be completely honest because it’s disrespect. I just felt disrespected.”

Team Grimes went on to explain how he was told by the Bucs that he was not a captain or a leader on this team, but wanted him to take less money and do more work.

The veteran Cornerback went on to say that he had been benched during the game against the Bears, for being on his phone at halftime. He couldn’t understand why, as it is something that he had done every game of his career and cited that 60-70% of players are on their phones during halftime.

Grimes continued to say that after being told by DB coach Jon Hoke that he was benched, he went to DC Mike Smith and asked why. Smith had no clue as to why, and to this day Grimes said he still has no clue. However, the best guess from Team Grimes is that he was benched for refusing to shadow top receivers for half the money.

Sounds like changes really need to be made.


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3 thoughts on “What’s Really Going On?

  1. What a loser!!! Getting paid 7 million to do a job and also he does is whine!!! Send him on his way, he will be out of the league within a few years anyways…

  2. The Bucs put a lot of faith in him in 2018 to help a very young defensive backfield. It backfired on them as the Bucs gave up so many yards to so many teams.

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