December 7, 2023

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Mayfield and Buccaneers shine in a big way in the Big Easy

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Trey Palmer celebrates with teammate quarterback Baker Mayfield / AP Photo / Bruce Kluckhohn

This game had a feel to it

Could you feel it come over you as, time after time, players like Winfield, Mayfield, Thompkins, and Godwin dug down and made big plays? This game has the feel of a contest these Bucs will look back upon as the moment their season turned around. Entering the contest at 2-1, it’s not like the Bucs were exactly floundering. They had, so far, bested two teams that they should have beaten. The lone loss coming against an NFC Super Bowl favorite of many. The Saints game is always a loss waiting to happen — a perennial thorn in the Bucs side, a pain in their. So, to come out with a new signal caller and basically dominate their biggest rival — at a time when there might have been questions after the loss to the Eagles, is indeed a big deal. Confidence, the feeling that your teammates have got you, is something you learn, not create out of thin air. This game takes major strides in delivering confidence.

Could it be that Todd Bowles isn’t garbage?

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m not fond of Todd Bowles. His entire time here, I’ve seen very little that impressed me about the Head Coach. Just like they say, “excrement rolls downhill.” When things are going really well that should eventually stop at the Coaches’ feet as well. Except for the whole ruse about a quarterback competition in preseason, Bowles has been doing a pretty good job. Maybe Todd Bowles saw a bit of himself in Baker Mayfield? A hard-luck guy who just needed the right situation to flourish. Whatever it was, it finds both of them being viewed in a slightly different light currently. The haters will continue to hate, but those driven by truth and results will start to come around, especially after a dominating Sunday over the Saints.

A beautifully plump, ruby-red, cherry on top

Just when you thought that the game could not get more gratifying. Our old friend Jameis Winston was put into the game and did what maybe he is best at: throwing interceptions. Jaboo floated his first pass right into the awaiting arms of Dee Delaney, who happily accepted the gift. Make no mistake about it, Bucs Fans, this game was big! Hopefully, they will go onto bigger things in the weeks to come. If they indeed do, they can look back at this game as the catalyst. Go Bucs!!