September 27, 2023

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The Mayfields and the Missing $12,000,000

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Baker Mayfield and His Wife Emily |

“It’s my money and I want it now!”

KXAN in Austin, Texas, is reporting that Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily have petitioned the court for information on the whereabouts of 12 million dollars that was supposed to be used in an investment firm where both Baker’s father and brother are employed. Camwood Capital Management Group, Camwood Ventures, Texas Contract Manufacturing Group, Unitech, Apex Machining, and Lor-Van, to turn over financial records from 2018-2023 so that it can be determined if the money was and is invested, stolen, misappropriated, or something in-between over the last five years. The request from the Mayfields is not a lawsuit but is filed with the court seeking clarity on the 12 million dollar investment and its current location.

This could be a huge mess.

It’s bad enough when your money is missing, and it’s just random people working at the investment firm. When it involves two close members of your immediate family, it could get downright nasty and unforgivable. We’re talking 12 very large ones, not a $50,000 drop in the bucket that could be dismissed over time. I’ve never been a fan of Mayfield, but this is a situation you don’t want to see going on with anyone. Best wishes to the Mayfields as they go through this situation. Go Bucs!!